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E V E R Y O N E ’ S  G U I D E  T O

W O R K I N G   A N D


Updated as of January 2023


  • Keep an out-of-office message active even if you are on leave for a day.

  • Stay active on Google Hangouts and keep an open line of communication. Understand if team members are active on WhatsApp and arrive at a common ground.

  • You are expected to be accessible during work hours and in the event, you need to be away from work for a few hours, the outlined protocol should be adhered to at all times:

    • Seek approval from your line manager/ immediate supervisor stating a reason in an email

    • Only post-approval, inform your immediate team members and colleagues you work with so that they, in turn, can plan workflow

  • For internal purposes, email and hangouts are the preferred mode of communication.

  • While WhatsApp may be a preferred medium for client groups and can be used for sharing updates/ seeking approvals, do note that email approvals are the only official ones. Make sure you back up your verbal conversations via email.

  • Keep your laptops charged at all times to avoid any issues in case of a power cut. Also, dust and moisture are enemies to your data, and this means you’ll need to keep the assets you possess clean at all times. Use the company dongle for work purposes. Avoid passive streaming of online music/ videos as that adds to data usage and/ or possible virus attacks on your system. You are responsible for the company assets in your possession.


For guidelines on sending emails and accessibility, also refer to the table below:

If You Are the Sender / Initiator                                                    If You are The Receiver / Participant

Don’t send emails on weekends unless                                      Try not to check your emails over the weekend

absolutely necessary. Rather, call people                                   If there is a crisis that needs your attention, you

to see if they are accessible.                                                          will receive a call.

Unless there is a work contract that requires                             Unless a client work contract so demands, 

us to service clients on Saturdays, do not                                  emails sent on the weekend by anyone

hold meetings, team calls or any official work                           (including your boss) can be responded to on

on weekends.                                                                                   the next working day.




  • Ensure you are on time for meetings and when sending out an invite Give people a 15-minute buffer between meetings when you book time

  • When sending meeting invites, include an agenda in the email so people can come well-prepared, or decide to opt-out if they feel they cannot contribute

  • Keep meetings/brainstorming sessions for not more than 45 minutes

  • As a recipient, always RSVP to meeting invites, even if you cannot attend

  • For managers, ensure that your team has access to your work calendar. Unless absolutely needed, meetings should only be scheduled during office hours.

  • Before you set up a meeting, think if 'this meeting can be an email' and act accordingly.


  • Be well-groomed on every video call, even internal, and especially for client calls.

  • Just the way you follow protocol when you visit someone’s home, adhere to the host’s guidelines. If the host’s video is on, it’s polite and courteous to keep your video on.

  • Stay on mute when not speaking.

  • Use virtual backgrounds only if necessary.


  • Acknowledge emails, whether internal or from a client, and respond to e-mails on time

The distinction between “CC” and “TO”: For people marked in CC, the email is an FYI, however for people marked in TO, the email is addressed specifically to you, thereby requiring a response.


  • While sharing a brief by mail, make it as detailed as possible.

  • Choose “Reply All” only if required. Especially for internal emails or file sharing.

  • Specifically for managers, ensure that emails on a weekend are sent only in case of an emergency or urgent requirement. Else, avoid sharing emails over weekends. If you feel the urge, please schedule emails for the next working day starting at 9:30 am.



  • In the case of sharing files using Google Drive or Canva, take that extra step to decide if the file being shared should have a ‘ view only ‘ or ‘ editor ‘ access

  • Only used WeTransfer Plus to share files with team members or clients and while doing so, password protect your transfers. In case a client cannot access WeTransfer or Google Drive, take an official email before sharing files through other tools.

  • Do not download any software on your laptops that is not part of the official work tools list.

  • Passwords to work tools are on a need-to-know basis and while sharing these passwords, make sure you only send them via email (exclude Hangouts or WhatsApp) marking your line manager.

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