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Here's All You Need About Our New HRMS

This page will orient you to different features and uses of our HRMS tool - PeopleHum. 
Each module has a different training demo video prepared specifically for desktop and mobile. 

Video #1 
How do I log in/ sign up?
How does one mark presence / sign-in when you are working from the office or at home?
How to edit your profile and ensure it is updated?
How to apply for leaves?
How to check policy links that redirect to
Video #2
How to refer a friend/someone you know?
Update on leave balance and leave migration
Revision of previously covered topics
Video #3 - Appraisal Training
Self Evaluation - Rating and Qualitative Responses
Manager Evaluation - Rating and Qualitative Responses
Toggle between the desktop and phone app by saving the responses in draft
Video #4 - Attendance Regularize, Recognition PayBook Access Video
How to regularize the attendance in case you have missed marking 'present'
How to send Happyness Badge to your teammates for work well done.
How to access PayBooks (third-party app) for your payslips and reimbursements.
Video #5 - PayBooks | Reimbursement & Payslips
Please refer to the previous video to access PayBooks App via PeopleHum
How to update your PayBook profile and add your details.
How to file for reimbursements (manager approvals required)
Where to check for your monthly salary slips
Video #6 - Goals | Add, Edit and Close
How to update goals and achievements.
How to add new goals (for managers)
How to update a completed goal and close the same.
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