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Feedback & Concerns 

Your Opinion Matters

Administration, Managers, Teams or all of us, if you think one (or all) of us must be better, then share your thoughts/ observations with us. We promise to listen and get back to you.


Open ears and no judgements!


Thank you for sharing your feedback. We'll make sure we take note and work out an action plan. 

Is Someone Bothering You?

At OneTeam, we’ve built a safe space where every individual matters. Your safety, well-being, and growth is our priority. Doing right by you, every step of the way, is how we envision nurturing our culture further.

Rest assured, we stand by your side and We’ve got policies to protect you.

Complaint Details

Thank you for sharing your concern. You will get an official response within 2 days and a committee response within a week as per the policy.

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