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As someone in the G.I. Joe clan once said, “Knowing is half the battle.” 

The goal of structured Learning and Development programs is to align your goals and performance with the company while upskilling yourself from time to time. As part of One Team, you’ve been part of numerous situations where you can learn. Whether its on-the job or situation based, we have always encouraged team members to empower themselves when it comes to knowledge. To take this thought a bit further, we are rolling out two learning programs. One for everyone in the company and the other for teams above a certain level in line with respective KPIs and responsibilities. 

Looking at managerial responsibilities at certain levels, this program is available for team members at L4A and above. We see this as an opportunity for people to upskill, explore and bring their learnings to work.


Important Process Documents, Course List  & FAQs


Irrespective of the role, level or function you are in, this is for you. Something we believe will help you get certified, gain a better perspective and bring back what you learn into superlative work for clients. 

Registration Process

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