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We provide growth opportunities, not excuses!

Like many things, we've linked our appraisals to our values. Find that confusing? It's really not. 


​Step 1: Eligibility



Only full-time team members who have completed nine months or more (as of March 31, 2024) in the organisation (including the probationary period) are eligible for appraisals and/ or increments. This depends on their performance and ratings in the assessments given by their line manager and management.


However, team members serving their exit/notice period will not be eligible for appraisals or increments, even if their exit period extends beyond or until the appraisal process period.


Goal Setting

Every team member, full-time, interns, and even the ones on probation, new joiners, or those part of the Reignite Program, are required to fill in their goals and KPIs for the upcoming year. This will be a separate exercise.

Check your eligibility and schedule a one-on-one conversation with your line manager to discuss your performance, feedback, growth, and future goals. You will receive an email with details, only if you are eligible for appraisals.


​​Step 2: HR Communication


An email from HR's desk will enclose the process in detail. Once the cycle is activated, an email will be sent from the PeopleHum portal for self-evaluation. Please click on the form, rate yourself, answer the qualitative questions, and review the form before submission. Please note that you cannot edit the answers once submitted.


​Step 3: Manager Review


Line managers will then review and have a one-on-one discussion with you, which will entail discussing the past year's performance and goals for the next year. After which, they will submit the ratings for their team members before the final date of submission, thus closing the appraisal cycle.


​Step 4: Final Submission


Post approvals, the final submissions by your manager will be reviewed and approved by management. This will be followed by the new appraisal letters being rolled out in May 2024.

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