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Our Action Manifesto

In case you are wondering what this means, in simple terms, this is what is expected of you. 

Being Innovative

Come up with new ideas. Not just today. Look at things from multiple perspectives and be inclusive of ideas. Look at other's ideas objectively before thrashing them. Find a mix between ideas that work and those that can be implemented well. For an idea without spotless execution means nothing. Be ready to learn new things & step out of comfort zones.


We/You are here for a reason.

Know exactly what nut or bolt are you a part of and how does that keep the engine running? If you think you are unclear, simply ask. Never hold back a thought. If there is one thing you must think about, it is this : Are you here to simply get the task done or to grow the business? The latter is the right answer.


Respecting Commitments

We are an agency. Our revenue comes from clients. Never forget that. Clients work with us because we are able to deliver. If we don’t, they will find others. If we make a commitment to a client, we live up to it no matter what it takes. That is what makes us dependable. Agreeing to a reasonable deadline is our call after all. You commit. You deliver.



Respecting Ideas

Not just the ones that come from our team but from our vendors, partners and clients. Always give credit to the right person by finding out who came up with the idea.


Using Good Judgement

We value a Star Team as against a Team of Stars. If this somewhere does not make sense to you, know that something is amiss. Teams succeed only when everyone does well. So if you need to take a step forward, take it together.



Managing Confidentiality

Most of our clients work with us because we respect the fact that what happens with a client, stays with the client. We work with people at senior levels. It's not secretive. Just confidential and so NDA's [Non Disclosure Agreements] matter. If you are unclear about the boundaries that this comes with, speak to your boss. 


Being Remarkable

We like people who believe in going beyond the brief and planning two steps ahead in three areas viz. day to day  conversation with clients, in dealing with teams/partners & also for the business. We’d rather have someone who can laugh in the face of adversity, pick the bricks thrown at us, than look around and wonder what to do or wait for someone to instruct you. 

Getting Things Done!

Bring your 'A' game to work. Because clients expect the best. Pay attention to detail in your work and understand what you are doing. Get clarity on briefs and reach out to team members. Asking questions is welcome. No matter how simple they may seem. If you do not get the required support, escalate these matters immediately because this hampers the way we work.

Respecting Commitments & Being Consistent

Our work revolves around meeting the commitments we make. If you commit to something, deliver quality and the quantum of work should determine when you come to the office and manage things. Internal and external deadlines are equally important. This is part of how we evaluate performance on an ongoing basis. Be in the moment and focus on the task at hand.

Focus on Consistency

[Deadlines, Internal Co-ordination and Quality Work]. Our businesses function if we focus. Not one week or one month. Everyday. Ensure your focus on work is consistent. Internal promises are as important as external ones and ensuring you deliver quality work consistently [defined as one with minimal rework] is an effective measure.

Being Responsive

Picking up client calls, responding and communicating with each other is at the heart of working in a company. Communicating effectively means sharing proper briefs, communicating in time and making sure that you are not giving half-baked information to team members around a brief. Avoid using terms like ' will get back shortly' to a client. Instead, commit to a time by when you will get back and then, make sure you do. If you are not adding value to the client, think hard about how to and if you hit a roadblock, reach out to the team.

Valuing Integrity

It’s simple. If you don’t understand what this word really means, you could reconsider your position here. Because this is not a grey area.

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