Zero Tolerance 

Don't get us wrong. Integrity and Trust is something we value more than anything & so, we'll keep it super simple.

Violation of this provision may result in immediate termination with no pay. Here's a list of things that are just not okay.


We don’t cheat! Downloading pirated software and/or content from sites that promote piracy, plagiarizing content is not acceptable as this may affect data confidentiality.


We are hungry but not desperate. Mis-selling to clients about our services and products is a sign of the latter.


We won’t take and won’t bribe. Without the prior written consent of the Company, no team member shall accept, from any person, vendor, supplier, agency, firm, Company or Organization which has dealings with the Company, either directly or indirectly, any advantages including but not limited to commission, rebate, gratuity, gifts or eatables of any kind or other favor, monetary or otherwise. In addition, no employee shall, in any manner, ask for or solicit any such advantages or benefits from such third party including any external person, vendor, supplier, agency, firm, company or organization. The same principles apply whether the gift or payment or advantage is in monetary form or in kind. It is your duty to inform vendors and partners about this. If a vendor insists on a gift, you are to politely decline. If gifts are delivered in your absence at office or residence, these are to be returned. In case food items are given as gifts, these are to be donated to the less fortunate.


Integrity is our currency. Team members cannot (without the prior written consent of the Company) during their employment, directly or indirectly be interested in, engage in, or provide services to, any other person, company, business entity or any other organization whatsoever (whether as an employee, officer, director, agent, partner, consultant or otherwise), in return for monetary benefits.

Such permissions have to be in writing and come with the understanding that the following criteria are met.

  • The project being engaged in does not compete in any form with the products or services of the company

  • You are engaged in the approved project outside office hours.  

  • This includes avoiding the use of company software, technology and infrastructure for the project &

  • You will receive no remuneration in cash or kind for any of the above services provided, if approved.


When the company signs an NDA with a client, you are expected to live up to the confidentiality norms outlined. Especially if you are connected to the client account. If you are unclear about whether you can or cannot share something, reach out to your line manager or HR business partner.