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Why Did We Create This? 

What's The Idea Of Sharing So Much? 


We've built numerous cluster of teams with a lot of heart and grit. Bootstrapped our way through numerous challenges. Like many young companies do.

The one guiding force for us, however has been our belief in the way we wanted to see us grow.  Our values & policies define the way we work and for someone who has tumbled onto this site, know that there is a big part of us that's out here.


This was a difficult decision knowing how complex businesses are.

But if we are true to our word and work, we only see positives in keeping this site public. 

We'd love to see a bit of us in other companies especially when it comes to company culture. Considering we've learnt along the way, evolved into who we are and work very hard to practice what we preach, we see this as a move towards remaining transparent and grounded.

Incase you are wondering who 'we' are, we are a group of Agencies that go by Never Grow Up, Yellow Seed & SPRD 

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