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15 Anonymous Story Submissions. Celebrating Kindness at Work 

In 2021, we asked team members to anonymously share stories of kindness at work. Since kindness comes in all shapes and sizes we asked team members to write about a time when someone from the Team extended a gesture of kindness. This is what people had to say. 


I was having a bad day mentally, and my manager made my day so much better - not only did they shuffle deliverables to make sure I had an easy day but also they spent some time with me laughing, joking, talking about non-work life and made me feel so much better. They're the ideal template for a manager and I'm lucky to have them in my corner.


Although we don't work in the same team (read company), you're always so helpful and approachable! Through all our interactions you've always been cheerful and optimistic even if it's been a rough day for you! It was this one day when i felt super low and questioned my ability, thought that i am incapable and what not. And my phone rang, hey calm down ! This happens. No one’s going to die if you deliver it 1/2 days later. But remember that you can’t let this affect your mental or physical health. Being me, i already was super mental health conscious but when I thought that because of me the company's face would be in problem i again started questioning myself. And again that beautiful soul helped me and cleared all my doubts. I hope to deliver better and in an more efficient way. I am learning each day. I hope not to fall in that person’s eye. THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING :)


Thanks to you, I've learned so much about a channel I dislike - social media. Needless to say, your arrival on the brand has made life simpler. I'm glad you get my sarcasm since it makes it easier to work with you :P


There is a lot of banter that takes place while working with him. Both of us motivate and help each other out when needed. I also got to learn new and interesting things outside of work. He is a fun person to work with.


I woke up with a long email from my superior. Reading that, I knew I had a long day ahead of me. With grumpy mood, I logged in. A ping popped up from a colleague/friend asking for a small favour. I replied and got the work done. Post our text-conversation, he asked me if I was ok. I paused, re-read the whole conversation trying to figure what gave away the state of my mood. But I could pin nothing out of ordinary. In all honesty, I told him about my day and mood. Upon asking how did he even know I was grumpy by a text-conversation, he said 'I can sense if someone is not ok by reading the text, especially when I know the person well.'  He does know me well and I am glad that I had a listening ear that morning. Even though it was petty, knowing that I could talk to someone or the fact that someone would always know how I am just by reading my replies, brought me peace. I have him to thank for as I spend rest of my day happier than morning.


When I was super swamped with work and emails, I decided to work late to finish the backlog. Seeing me online, he asked 'I know how you get with pending work, so I won't ask you to log out. But please tell me, how can I help?' I was moved by this gesture. Together, we completed the work in half the time. I know I could have surely done this alone. But knowing that I had a helping hand, made all the difference. To you, I say thank you :)

Somedays can be unusually tough, but it helps when you have a super supportive team. May it being writing extra copies, that are in no way related to your client, but just so that it makes you laugh a little and forget your woes, or staying up late just so you can finish working on the client (virtually) but together, I won't forget these sweet kind gestures. They make work fun! <3


Moving into a new city can be quite baffling, even so when it is the 'City That Never Sleeps'. I moved to the city right before the monsoon. I know, rookie mistake! Unbeknownst to the monsoon effect in the city, I was really chill. Then I heard about the problems that one can experience - be it random open manholes(rather dangerous) on the road, or severely flooded roads everything was daunting for me. While I was even scared to make a move, everyone in the office were ready to help me out, and mind you, I hadn't mentioned or asked anyone about this. Be it dropping me back home, telling me about the right route to take, calling me beforehand to inform about the road situations and offering to carpool, the amount of care I got was really warm and overwhelming for me. I never knew people actually cared itna, despite my experience in two earlier companies. But the help never stopped, with people sharing their lunch when orders ceased to getting home-cooked food delivered to my place during the days we stayed back during heavy rains, people were just the sweetest <3


To my entire team, thank you for being kind, careful and considerate, and for religiously checking in while I was in the hospital, dealing with something that's cause I couldn't even figure. You all are amazing, and I'm so so glad to be working by your side.

People say it's difficult to make new friends when you're an adult. It was easier when you were a kid. I thought the same when I joined this company (won't say how long I have worked here might just give out some hints - Could be 6 years, could be 6 months), but I would say the whole team made me feel so welcomed. Cleared my doubts, taught me stuff with a lot of patience, these people were the perfect "Fairy Godparents" for me. I am ever so grateful to be a part of this family. 


Hey, the best part about falling sick on any day at One Team is that, there will be always one person who will call you up and be like, "hey stop working, work will keep on happening and we will manage it, please go and take rest, resume work when you feel completely fine". And this is something that happens with me every time I have to take a day off because of health reasons.


A gesture of kindness and an element of surprise, when we needed it the most. A certain team member (you know who you are!) sent us a delicious package of food along with a Funko Pop of our alias simply to brighten our day during the lockdown. This person is known for random acts of kindness and goes out of their way to make someone smile. Thank you for what you did and what you continue to do!


So, I wanted some support in terms of a new project that I was working on. Being a newbie I was a bit hesitant in reaching out asking for support from a team (who are experts in Design & Content) that I was not very well acquainted with (as I was not sure on what the reaction would be). However, I approached 2 people from 2 teams and I was humbled by the interest and support they showed. They not only jumped at the idea, completed the task for me, but also wrapped it up in less than 24 hours. Just for me ! So here's a big thank you for valuing my work and being a part of it ! Loads of love & respect.


This person (She) has been really kind and helpful throughout my tenure here. She is a great mentor who believes in me and motivates me to do my best. From her positive attitude towards work in particular and life in general, resilience to crack the brief, innovative ideas and humour, she has been an exceptionally pleasant person to work with.


It is rare to find people who are patient to no known boundaries. My team is filled with these people. Their tolerance and patience knows no limits. No matter how many mistakes I make and give up on that task, my team makes sure that I learn the work and keep attempting to do it, irrespective of the results. I think if I were them, I would have definitely snapped on a person like me. It is surprising me on how they are keeping their calm. I am gradually coming on track now though. I need to learn to be tolerant and patient from these guys. Thank you MyTeam, Thank you OneTeam <3 ;)


Kindness 1 Cheers to the one who helped me to convert a client can Deck into Wix format on a Saturday. Kindness 2 Second Cheers to two, who was with me till 11.00 pm to help me out complete a deck. Kindness 3 Third cheers to one who is always there to solve my queries.


I had a client work which required a kind of software which I wasn't very familiar with. So I spent hours and was struggling to find a way out and deadline was nearing but no solution. I was pancaking and sometimes YouTube tutorials also don't help :P. Then I asked one of my colleague and they helped me by setting up a call on google meet and explaining a easier way out to express my concept. I was able to make the final work and that was shared to client, which was approved one shot. We all are swamped with work and when someone takes out time to help you and guide you, that shows real kindness and teamwork.

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