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Image by Dylan Shaw

Bring A Friend To Work. 

In effect from January 2023

Since we continue to operate in an ‘always on’ hiring mode, we regularly advertise openings internally or on LinkedIn for new folks to join our growing team.

What better way than to have a friend join us?

If you feel someone you know is a fit for us, do recommend them to your manager or human resources

How Can You Go About It?


  • Submit the referral via PeopleHum (our HRMS portal) to ensure the application is mapped to you.

  • Alternatively, you can share the CV and other details of your friend mentioning it in the subject line to (for Never Grow Up & SPRD) or (for Yellow Seed)

  • Allow us to internally evaluate the candidate.

  • We believe in your judgment of the person. Hence, the referred candidates are likely to be fast-tracked in the interview pipeline as compared to the other applications.

  • If a candidate you recommend chooses to join us, you get a cash bonus when they complete their mandatory probation period.

Who Can Refer A Friend?


All full-time team members can refer a friend to either of the companies across One Team.

If you are a consultant or an intern, you too can refer a friend. We will surprise you with a token of our appreciation.


What's In It For You?


You are eligible to receive a minimum of Rs.5,000/- per candidate. While certain roles may come with a higher referral reward, details for such roles will be communicated at the time of announcing the opening across the team. 


There Is More!


Additionally, the company vouches to donate an equivalent amount of your referral to the

Good Wave Foundation, under your name. Do note that this part of the referral is

non-transferrable or cannot be encashed by you. However, you do have the option to

donate your entire referral fee to the foundation.

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