It's Okay Not To Be So Okay.

Our personal and professional lives are interconnected. In fact, we remain the same wonderful person irrespective of whether we are at work or at home. While working from home is going to be the norm till the pandemic subsides, we also understand the challenges that come with working remotely. Sometimes or often, work pressure and the general rigmarole of life gets to us. It happens to the best of us and we acknowledge that. 

At such a time, all we need is someone to hear our voice and share a balanced perspective. You might even want to blow off some steam or understand yourself better. While your managers are ever willing to lend a ear, know that you have access to professional help. 

All you have to do is reach out our team counsellor Bansi Mehta on +91 98929 15250 

Send her message, Fix a slot or simply, write to her at 

Whatever works for you. Even during work hours.

All session details are completely anonymous.

No tracking. No reports. Period.