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The Morse Code Story

As we share this story with you, know that this post has been in the making for 2 years.

Keeping an idea in Stealth mode requires more than just secrecy. For years since we actually kicked off, we've nurtured the idea of having a tripod. Something that completes the circle and gives us a competitive edge. In case you are still wondering, this is the story of SPRD.

It may be of interest to know that we launched the company on 13 Feb 2019 to the world but our first thought to do this was as early as 2016, For over three years, we quietly observed the market. Often, talking about it randomly in office with a closed group of folks to see if the idea had any merit.

We started by focusing on our own digital PR and story telling efforts and realized that we had a long way to go. Back then, we lacked both the skills and the money to start another venture. Obviously, people thought we were crazy but we say potential. We even tried to invest in another agency to build scale but realized that it was more about the idea of what we wanted to build rather than the money.

And then, after months of searching for a differentiated offering, and piloting our way into beta for six months, we launched idea with two clients and a micro team of two people who showed faith and quietly became a part of a larger team that was backed by the power of ideas, content and design.

For us SPRD will stand for what the future can do. Everything in the sphere of Stories. PR and Digital for Corporate Communications and if you go through the home page you will see why we picked the Morse code to be our front runner. You'll also probably realize that a part of us will always remain in stealth mode.

The rest as they say is history. But hey! We have not looked back.

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