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Let’s keep some things in black and white!

  • What's The Offer Validity?
    This offer is valid for one month from 22nd February 2021 to 22nd March 2021, for now. This applies to 5 working days during the period (Mon-Fri, excluding declared holidays). Weekends not included. It's not us. Just the rules of the place. This is for all full time, part-time, consultants and interns across Never Grow Up, Yellow Seed, SPRD and GWF.
  • How Do I Do This Exactly?
    Walk into a Social Works and buy a 'Day Pass'. A single day pass for working from Socials is worth Rs. 300. When you purchase this pass, you can also get free food / drinks worth 300 for the day which can be knocked off against your bill. Save up the receipts and raise a reimbursement request on Quikchex.
  • Socials has a 5 Day Pass as well!
    Yes! That is for 5 consecutive days and costs Rs 1200/-. Incase you'd like to do so, please go ahead. You get free food and drinks worth the pass amount which can be reimbursed. Do note that the amount you can reimburse will be Rs 1200/-
  • What Should I Carry?
    Your Laptop and Charger [obviously]. Socials also allows you to carry your own lunch box and you can top it up with snacks and grub worth 300/- per visit. In case you have a company dongle, do carry that as well (incase of an emergency). For added protection, carry a mask and a sanitizer. Basic social distancing norms should be practiced at all times. Safety comes first.
  • Can We Go As A Team?
    Sure! Why not? Plan in advance. Let your manager know. Work Together. Pay individually so that reimbursements are streamlined.
  • My Bill Just Went Over The Limit!
    In that case, you can settle it from your pocket. The daily reimbursable limit per vist is a max of Rs. 300/- or the cost of the pass which gives you unlimited Internet and a cool, safe place to work out of. To ensure parity, if you choose a co-working space, the difference would be borne by you.
  • What If I Don't Have a Socials In My City?
    For people across Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Pune, Chandigarh & Chennai, you have over 24 locations in all to choose from. In case you are not in any of these cities at the moment, you can walk into the nearest Starbucks / any cafe or a co-working space of your choice. The total amount that will be reimbursed per day / visit would be Rs 300/-. P.s. If you don't like socials and prefer to go to a co-working space that is safe, please do so. Per visit limits for reimbursement apply.
  • Do I Have To Step Out?
    Nope! This offer is completely voluntary and is presented on a best effort basis. Which means that you can choose whether or not to step out of your homes at all. We're doing this to help break away. But the choice is yours!
  • Last Thing To Note!
    Actually it's 2 last things to note! Irrespective of whether you choose to work from Socials, a café, or a co-working space, do ensure that you have a stable Wi-Fi Access at all times during the work hours! You would need to file reimbursements for all visits on or before 27th March 2021. Since the financial year ends on 31st March, we will not be able to carry forward reimbursements into April 2021. For more details, questions or clarifications, write to

For a growing company in the digital age, these guidelines are designed to help protect the credibility of our companies. Being part of the team, the onus to uphold and percolate these rests with each one of us. As an organisation, we respect confidentiality and see this as a sign of integrity.

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In case of any queries/questions or clarifications, please write back to or or or

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