Manage Your Growth

Like a lot of things, We've linked our appraisals to our values. Find that confusing? It's actually not

Step 1

Fill up, discuss and agree upon your KPIs for the year 2021-22. You can download the KPI template from this page and speak with your line manager for clarity on how to plug in things that apply to you.

Step 2

Log on to QuickChex. Click on My Performance dashboard and Upload your KPIs under 'Goal Setting'. Refer to the Goal Setting Guide on this page. 

Step 3

Close the goals document with your manager, complete your assessments through a self-evaluation and manager evaluation for the year 2020-21. Refer to the Assessment Guide on this page. Jointly, agree on the points mentioned

Step 4

Final submissions by your managers post approvals on system will be reviewed and approved by management. This will be followed by new offer letters being rolled out in May 2021.  


GOAL SETTING Every full-time Team Member, even the ones on probation/new joiners/part of the Reignite program, are required to fill their goals/KPIs for the upcoming year. However, Team Members serving their exit notice period will not be eligible for appraisals or increments even if their exit period extends the appraisal process period. ASSESSMENT Full-time Team Members who have completed 4 months or more (as of 31st March 2021) in the organization (including probation period) are eligible to submit their assessments on QuikChex. Team members who are currently on probation, contract or internship are not required to take assessments. Only full-time Team Members who have completed 9 months or more (as of 31st March 2021) in the organization (including probation period) are eligible for appraisals, salary corrections or/and increment. This depends on their performance and ratings in the assessment by final assessor / management.