Here's How You Can Manage Your Appraisals!


Like a lot of things, We've linked our appraisals to our values and our values to our appraisals. Find that confusing? It's actually not

Step 1

Pick the form that applies to you. Fill up the questions under the inter-linked self-evaluation sections. Be as descriptive as possible. No matter which department you belong to, this is for you. There is also a section to share feedback to your managers. 

Step 2

Once filled, block time with your reporting manager for a face to face conversation. Block a minimum of 30 minutes and have an open chat about hits and misses and goals for the next year, their expectations. 

Step 3

Close the document with your manager by asking them to evaluate you on common parameters set in the document. Jointly, agree on the points mentioned. 

Step 4

Managers will send the final documents  [PDF] for each team member which, will be sent back for authentication and signatures by both you and your manager.

Appraisal Form

Applicable to anyone who has completed their probation period and has been part of the company for more than 4 months

Review Form

For team members who have just joined us or are into their probation phase with the company

For Managers

A specific document for Managers across companies in #OneTeam

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